Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bruised and battered...but still 4th at TriZou

We were welcomed to Columbia, MO for our 4th TriZou triathlon by our friends Joe (triathlete) and Amy, who we'd met in previous trips to this race and had invited us to stay with them this year. We gladly accepted. Completing the full house was accomplished pro triathlete Andrew Starykowicz who was also competing.
The rain stopped just enough the day before to allow us to ride the course and then continued to rain the rest of the night. Race day was a bit foggy and overcast but otherwise warm and calm. The pros and elite amateurs combine for an elite wave for the 400 pool swim each receiving lane assignments. I had a good swim in the 5.40 range and used the long run transition to my advantage to make up for some lost time in the swim. By 2 miles into the bike I had moved into 4th place behind Joe where I remained for the rest of the 14 mile ride. That is until with about a half mile to go on a sharp turn back towards transition my front tire caught a seam in the road and skipped sideways. To regain my balance I steered to correct which took me right into the path of an oncoming triathlete. We bumped shoulders and I went down. I got back on and coasted in somehow remaining in 4th and took to the run bleeding from my left shoulder, hand, knee and hip. I was having an extremely hard time breathing at faster tempos and so I was forced to jog home with a disappointing 4th place finish and a run 1.5 min slower than last year. Although I had slowed to a speed to make the turn you just can't be too careful in blind corners like that and the outcome could have been much worse.
All was not lost since there were cash prize awards and I collected a small amount for my troubles.
I'm out of the pool for a few days while the wounds heel but no serious injuries were found. I'll have the next 5 weeks off for hard training with my next race Kansas Half Ironman.