Thursday, March 29, 2012

It Begins

I have updated my tentative race schedule for 2012 which can be accessed on the right toolbar.
I'm taking a giant leap out of my normal routine and starting the year out with a Half Ironman (70.3). Typically, I like to set up my season by building to longer triathlons through sprint and Olympic distance events. However, this year I want to get more Half Irons under my belt and thus am heading for Galveston, Texas to start my year off at Ironman Texas 70.3 on Sunday, April 1st.
Although it has been unseasonably warm in Kansas, Galveston will no doubt have the added challenge of high humidity. I have attempted to acclimate for this but will wait to provide details until the success of the acclimation has been determined.
This will also mark the first time I have flown to a race with my bike and am hoping for a very uneventful trip as far as that is concerned. If you wish to follow along race morning you should be able to find a race tracker on the race website... Bib # 425.
Thanks for your support.