Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Double

August 15 and 16 I entered 2 local races. The United Way McPherson Triathlon on Saturday and the Rockin' Route Triathlon on Sunday in Derby. My plan was to conserve a little energy on Saturday giving just enough to get the win, then give whatever I had left on Sunday. Things changed slightly when Ric Rosenkranz wondered onto the course Saturday morning. I decided to stick to my plan knowing last time it took a hard effort on a good day to beat Ric. On this day I took second and he gave a good pace I probably wouldn't have been able to hang with regardless the way I felt.
Sunday was a larger race in Derby and I was feeling better than I had before Saturday's race. I felt good through the entire race and gave a solid effort that produced a win by about 6 minutes. I earned my coolest prize of the year, an 8G Ipod nano engraved with the race name.
The last 6 weeks of my season will be spent focusing on my training for the US Open without doing any other races during this time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Salty Dog Win and Course Record

Race day was another typical warm and windy Kansas day. This was the first salty dog I had done and had been looking forward to it since the cancellation of last years event due to weather. My swim continues to show signs of improvement and after making my way through some slower swimmers I was out of the 400 long course pool swim in 5.57. With a quick T1 I was first out on the bike course and began rolling through the 5 x 2 mile laps (26.12). I finished the day off with a 17.23 5k. Total time for my race was 51.22, good enough for a course record by a couple of minutes. Thanks to all the friends and family that showed up to support me.