Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Double

August 15 and 16 I entered 2 local races. The United Way McPherson Triathlon on Saturday and the Rockin' Route Triathlon on Sunday in Derby. My plan was to conserve a little energy on Saturday giving just enough to get the win, then give whatever I had left on Sunday. Things changed slightly when Ric Rosenkranz wondered onto the course Saturday morning. I decided to stick to my plan knowing last time it took a hard effort on a good day to beat Ric. On this day I took second and he gave a good pace I probably wouldn't have been able to hang with regardless the way I felt.
Sunday was a larger race in Derby and I was feeling better than I had before Saturday's race. I felt good through the entire race and gave a solid effort that produced a win by about 6 minutes. I earned my coolest prize of the year, an 8G Ipod nano engraved with the race name.
The last 6 weeks of my season will be spent focusing on my training for the US Open without doing any other races during this time.

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