Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As is often the case the off-season has not gone 100% to plan. After a short two week break following the US Open I segued into a very productive 8 week base through the New Year. This included 50 miles swimming and about 1000 miles in the saddle in December alone. A rogue toe sprain derailed plans slightly in January forcing some isolated swim time. However all injuries heal and I am back to balanced 20+ Hr training weeks.

What has been fun to watch this off-season is the club's (Kansas River Valley Tri Club) dedication to winning the USAT national mileage challenge. We have secured first places in our division in both December and January and look well on our way to holding the overall lead through February. We may even finish second across all divisions which is pretty exciting.

A new race season will soon be upon us and I have updated my tentative schedule on the link at the top right. My primary goal this year will be going for the podium at the National Championships for the new 5150 series in Des Moines, IA. This will first require a stop in Tunica, MS for the Memphis in May Triathlon to qualify. I will still be at the local KS staples as well as Ironman KS 70.3 and a final 70.3 following Hy-Vee which will likely be Branson.

I turned 30 this past week...that's all I have to say about it so far. I have not yet attempted my typical birthday feat of a large training day or week due to having just a couple weeks of solid training under my belt. I'm still hoping to do something special when I feel my body will handle it without revolting.
Feel free to facebook me with suggestions. It needs to include the number 30 (hrs, miles, kilo) or variations of (300, 3000) and be completed in a day or week time frame.

Perhaps after I've completed my birthday challenge I will have more thoughts on being 30.

Happy Training!

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