Monday, July 4, 2011

First at El Dorado Triathlon

I really enjoyed this race venue last year in its first year but I was on the fence all the way up until 2 days before the race. A text from a friend of mine brought to my attention the appearance of a competitor from Chile who raced the pro wave at Kansas Half a couple weeks prior. Obviously I didn't want the title to be taken out of state, let alone out of country, so...put me in coach.
Leading from the get go I put in the two laps for the swim and began working on the bike course. Onto the second lap I was greeted by a late challenger. The train tracks parallel the course and a freight train thought he would get the jump on me. Try as I might to keep pace it wasn't a fair fight and I had to yield before completely blowing up.
The primary competition for the day actually came from Lee Walther who paced just behind me through the swim and bike entering about a minute back heading into T2. The 51 year old from OK said he was just getting back into racing...I'd say he's back.
My run legs are feeling stronger each week that goes by and this was the first race I felt some ability to stride out. They still have a ways to go to regain fitness but its still 9 weeks to Des Moines so I'm feeling confident I can get them in shape by then.
This weekend's race is our club (KSRVTC) race at Lake Afton which is always a lot of fun. Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm sure we will meet again on the road somewhere. Good luck at Des Moines. Where did you get the pictures? Thanks, Lee

Kevin Nickel - Triathlete said...

Thanks Lee, it was nice to meet you. My wife and brother are my official photographers :).