Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Year...Another Birthday Training Challenge!

Although my main goal with this blog will be to provide a report on the races I do throughout the year the page was looking a little blank. So I thought I'd provide you a little window into my current training since I am often asked about what I actually do day in and day out as a competitive triathlete.
After taking a couple weeks off for Corynn's birth, and through the amazing support of Yvette and the rest of my live in family (brother Kenton and his wife Eunice), I have managed to average 15 hrs a week since the first of the year. With Yvette starting up work half time again, and continuing to work full time myself, I feel really blessed to have completed that much.

Then came birthday week. Nearly every year for the past decade or more I use birthday week to stretch the parameters of my training to test what else I am capable of (this usually completely ignores the 10% rule). This year birthday week was a bit overscheduled with meetings and a speaking engagement so I postponed it a week to the last week of February. The goal was 28 hrs of training in a week to represent my 28th birthday. Everything went smooth; I finished the training, incurred no injuries, still spent time with Corynn, and didn't finish the week sleeping on the couch. I'll put the mileage below if you're curious what that looks like. Happy training!
Swim = 6 workouts, 17,500 yds, 5.25 hrs
Bike = 7 workouts, 280 miles, 17.5 hrs
Run = 4 workouts, 37 miles, 4.5 hrs
Strength = 4 workouts, 1 hr

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