Friday, April 10, 2009

Hutchinson YMCA Triathlon

On Saturday, after getting off work, I wondered over to the Y to see if I could still jump in a late wave of the Triathlon they put on. I was just in time for the last wave so I suited up. It was a windy and warm KS day for myself and 30 other dedicated tri geeks who were attempting a 250 yd swim, 4 mile indoor bike, and a 1.5 mile outdoor run. I enjoy doing the local races and Suresh Menon does a superb job making this a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere for newbies and would be a great way to do your first tri if you live in the area.
I finished first with a time of about 21 min and enjoyed the added difficulty from doing the bike on a recumbant (all uprights were taken) which absolutely loads your quads if you're not used to it.
On to Emporia next weekend for the 2nd of several early season tune up races. Feel free to come check it out, start time is 9:00am at the stadium.

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