Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pelican Festival Triathlon

On May 24th I participated in the Pelican Festival Triathlon in Windsor, CO. This race was specifically put on my schedule as a promise over the last several years to race close enough for my Grandma Nickel to be a spectator. She was there and appeared to really enjoy herself. This race also had special meaning to the community because it marked the 1 year anniversary of the Windsor Tornado which in addition to canceling last years race hit close to home when my Aunt and Uncle's house sustained damage from it who reside in Windsor.
Race day was nice, cool and overcast. There isn't a whole lot more to say about the race itself. I raced all day in second gear never catching my breath in the altitude (which I insisted to people wouldn't bother me). An average swim, a less than smooth transition and a descent bike brought me into 6th where I remained for the duration of the run.
Despite the average result it was well worth it to finally fulfill that promise to my Grandma, and of course its never disappointing to get to do some hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

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