Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ironman Kansas 70.3

I planned my season with just one race over olympic distance in hopes of gaining a little more experience in the half iron distance with my A race at HyVee just 2 weeks after. Race day was very nice with overcast skies, a few sprinkles, and some light wind.

I had been out to train on the course this spring so I knew there were quite a few hills on the bike and my goal was to swim and ride controlled and give myself a good opportunity for a fast run.
I accomplished the first 2 legs at goal effort finishing the swim in 29 minutes, 18th in my age group and the bike in 2.29 11th in my age group. Heading out on the run I felt good, maybe too good clocking the first 2 miles at 5:30 pace. Not being much quicker than my goal pace I stayed with it settling into a slightly slower pace coming through 10 miles in 59 min. In the last few miles the sun came out heating things up significantly and my legs started to let me know I wasn't completely trained for that distance. The last 3 miles I struggled through at 7+ pace finishing with a 1.22 run and a 4.23 total time. But finishing is always a goal I'm happy to achieve...and this one happened to involve running down the yellow brick road, past dorothy and the lion from the wizard of oz to get my finishers mettle from world champ Chrissy Wellington. The effort was enough for 39th overall, 21st amateur, and 6th in my age group. With a pretty deep field those last few miles cost me 5 places in my age group with the winner only 2 minutes ahead of me.
Overall I had a fun time and am looking forward to giving the half iron distance another go later on.

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