Monday, June 28, 2010

Wire to Wire in El Dorado

The El Dorado triathlon was new this year and though I had never been there I was pleasantly surprised with the isolated swim area and overall course design. I'd recommend it and I suspect this race will grow in popularity in the future. Right after the gun I found myself in uncharted waters so to speak by leading out the swim. Though it was a small race I've never led start to finish and found myself glancing behind me at the corners on the first lap to make sure people were actually following me. The swim course was admitted to be long by the director and as shown by the slow times but it was the best I ever felt in a swim and just cruised a long for the 3 laps. All my extra swimming may be paying off finally, though its tough to tell since I'll never know the total distance.
My goal for the rest of the race was just to go controlled and hold the lead which I successfully did with a sub hour ride and a little slower than I'd planned run but with the temps climbing to near 90, effort was relative.
My primary reason for doing this race was to get a better handle on my nutrition for olympic racing. I felt I succeeded at this and am looking forward to another in two weeks at the new mudwater distance at lake afton. With any luck I won't be coming out of the water so many minutes down to start my day there as has happened in the past.

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