Sunday, July 11, 2010

First place and sub 2 hrs at Mudwater

Another warm morning greeted us for this years Mudwater at Lake Afton just outside Wichita. This was the first year to include an olympic distance and I gained my third straight win at this venue. Although the bike was .9 mile short of a true olympic distance my 1.56.37 would have still adjusted to 1.59 or just under so I think I can still chalk it up as my second sub 2 hr olympic race. I executed my race plan quite well focusing on a fast swim and a quality run. My swim time was 20.52 which is a personal best at that distance (with or without a wetsuit) so I was pleased to see my recent hike in swim training is paying off. Trying a new tactic on the bike with the warm conditions I left the aero helmet in the car. It appeared to pay off, and though I gave up some time (57.03 for 24M), rode into T2 feeling much more refreshed and left with a little more bounce in my step and a more controlled HR. The run was much better then a few weeks before at El Dorado with similar conditions and I was pleased with my 37.43. Even though it wasn't close to my fastest run for the distance it felt quick for the conditions. This is the KSRVTC's club race and so I did treat it like an A- race giving it a few days of taper to have fresh legs and help represent the club. The coordination by the club and volunteers is absolutely amazing and to their credit they put on a first class race.
I ended my last post with hopeful thoughts of quick swim times which I feel I achieved exiting 3rd from the water and moving into first just out of transition. My thoughts for the future are of sub 20 swim times which when coupled with proven sub 60 bikes and sub 35 runs in previous races would produce a very competitive result at a larger race. But first, its time to rest. Thanks to my fellow club members supporting me before, during and after the race. We make a great team!

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