Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another win at Salty Dog

I enjoyed my second year at the Salty Dog by posting a new course record of 50.18, about 1 minute faster than last year. This was comfortably about 7 1/2 minutes ahead of second. I also had the fastest of each discipline 400 Swim = 5.33, 10M Bike = 25.15, 5k Run = 17.44. Always extra pleased to get that swim.
As always I pushed the swim to see where I was at, rode steady but hard on the bike, and then just cruised the run in since I was training through this race and had a fairly hard run workout coming up on Monday I wanted to be ready for. I continue to be pleased with my swim times dropping and look forward to testing it in open water again at Branson. Since it was a pleasant day and I was in need of some additional biking for the weekend I went ahead and rode home following the race to get an additional 40 miles in. Even enjoyed some of the first rain we'd had in weeks near home.
I will not be racing again until Branson and will be using the next few weeks to finish my final season build to sharpen my training for Branson and the US Open.

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