Monday, August 2, 2010

First at Rock N' Route Triathlon

I walked in following my run on Saturday thinking this one will be interesting. It seems that even with this many races on my schedule they're never routine. I had just finished what would normally be an easy 2 mile day before run that ended up with me having to walk within the first mile and walk/jog it home due to extreme discomfort in my chest and back. I was fighting off some bug that had declared war on my body and this was the first attempt at a run in several days. Amazingly my pre-race run the next morning felt good and my hopes were renewed that I could still race the entire distance. From there it was mostly routine minus the energy the bug had stolen. I pushed the swim and bike just in case I was unable to run well but in the end settled in for a comfortable 3 mile run around the lake. This race had not disappointed last year with the prizes and this year I was awarded a very nice garmin 305 watch for the win. To top it off I won a road ID certificate in the door prizes and wouldn't you know it today I got a call from the on site masseuse who I had made use of and found out I won the free massage as well. I will definitly be cashing that in between branson and the US Open. Next up is the Salty Dog in Hutchinson, Sat. Aug 14th. A good spectator course if you're looking for something to do at 7am on a Saturday :).