Monday, April 25, 2011

Emporia Race Report

It was a fine day for racing at Emporia last Sunday. Mild temps and light South wind made for a very pleasant day at the office. Although I was starter #3 in the time trial swim start, #1 and #2 were absent at start time so I got things going as first in. Since I was still overcoming some minor hamstring issues the goal was stay quick but controlled on the swim and bike and manage it in on the run. Everything went to plan and I was first home for the fourth year in a row. An added upgrade this year was chip timing and everything seemed to go off smooth in that department.

On to Columbia, MO this week. I believe there is a streaming finish line video so I'll post that link later this week if you're interested in being up at 7:50 on a Sunday morning to watch what is sure to be a great finish.

Week 3 and 4 of 30's results...

12th - swim 30x50's open water (no push) start
13th - swim 30x150's pull/sight/free
14th - swim 30x50 paddles strength
15th - swim 30x200's
16th - swim 30x50's paddles every 4th power int.
17th - 30min 20k TT (race) and 30 push ups
18th - swim 30x100 free/back
19th - swim 30x50 fly
20th - swim 30x100
21st - swim 30x25 kick
22nd - bike 30x1min strength int.
23rd - 30 sit ups
24th - bike 30x30s power int.

Just a couple more days of 30's, I'm feeling younger already!

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